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Changing Lives and Saving Lives!


I never witnessed a camp that was so nurturing and that was beyond passionate about young children that went through everyday struggles. Camp Rosenthal helped me find my passion for life.

Last summer, I was looking for employment and I eliminated all other jobs because I wanted to work at a camp that truly cared about children. I wasn’t expecting to hear a response so quickly from the Administrative Staff but when I did, I became overwhelmed with excitement.

Once I began working at Camp Rosenthal, I knew that this was the place for me. When you are passionate about changing a child’s life…a paycheck doesn’t matter. I witnessed children that the world is so quick to stereotype as ‘bad’ or say that they ‘won’t amount to anything’ not realizing that the children only want someone that will listen and show them that they care.

The foundation of Camp Rosenthal is built on “changing lives and saving lives.” In the process of striving to change as many lives as I could; camp saved mines. Every day I always think about my ‘home away from home.’ I yearn to go back because I always feel that Camp Rosenthal has greater things to come and there is still work to be done.

Life is a journey not a destination. Camp taught me that everyone has a story. The choice is up to the individual to share their story and use it as a pathway for inspiration. I’m grateful for the opportunity to talk with Mr. Adam Perez and hear his story. I hold on to a piece of advice that he gave me. Mr. Adam simply looked me in my eyes and said “It’s time for you to step up and step out of your comfort zone.”

Camp Rosenthal is simply like a kryptonite for me personally. I could always escape the excess drama of life and smile because it is such a happy place. I guarantee you will grow and mature if you allow the experience to teach you rather than only finance you. Camp Rosenthal aims and succeeds in Changing Lives and Saving Lives….the reason in which I will forever love, appreciate, and be grateful for my beautiful ‘home away from home.’

Tales from Chippewa trails…

Samone Hooper
(Guest blogger and Camp Rosenthal Staff member)

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